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propertyservice.in is established and maintained exclusively to provide services to the much needed NRIs who desire to make investments to encash the present booming real estate market in India. Read more...

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With headquarters at 'Bengaluru' – the most coveted 'city' for investment in ‘real estate market’ in entire India, we also cater to the needs of NRIs who do intend to invest in other places like: Read more...

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propertyservice.in is a unique website rendering satisfactory services to the needs of Non-resident Indians (NRIs) as well as Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) by attending to their problems related to their property situated in India and solving the same. As a property services provider, we do understand the various preferences of an NRIs on their properties situated in India, including due diligence. To meet all these requirements, the NRIs need trustworthy Professional property consultants who attend to multifarious activities like legal services, liaison services, investment services besides property services.

For all these types of services, propertyservice.in is exclusively established and maintained for the said purpose so that the NRIs can safely rely on for a trustworthy deals related to their investments in the booming real estate markets.

Indeed, every NRI desire to cash in on the present booming real estate market in India, but is unable to keep track of the developments by staying abroad, resulting which they are bound to depend upon a reliable and trustworthy professional property services provider who can keep them updated with information related to trends in realty market and provide necessary services.

propertyservice.in extends its hearty welcome and support with top-edge legal services besides liaison services and financial advice through Chartered Accountants in your financial transactions and through Architects/Engineers for designing your real estate property.